Thursday, January 21, 2010

Postgame Reactions - Rangers vs. Flyers 1/21

Flyers 2, Rangers 0
  • Paul Devorski has got to be one of the worst referees in the entire NHL.  First, for no interference call to go against Asham after he clearly bowled over Lundqvist is unacceptable.  Then, for Dubinsky to get 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct for his shouting match with Carcillo--who didn't get the same--is asinine.  Especially after Carcillo cowardly went after Gaborik.  Officiating didn't decide this game, but I would be happy to never see Devorski in another Rangers game EVER  again.  You can ask anyone in section 403 how I react when I find out he's on the ice for a home game.  He's been one of the worst for a while, and nothing has changed.
  • The Rangers showed very little of the physical play that I felt opened up the scoring in the last 2 games.
  • I don't know why Marian Gaborik felt the need to drop the gloves with Carcillo.  (For those of you who think it was reactive, watch the video again.  Gabby dropped the gloves first.)  He has to show more discipline there and stay out of a 5 minute mini vacation.
  • I like that Wade Redden "accidentally" laid the body on Hartnell a few minutes later after the whistle had blown.  Say what you will about Wade, but he's been sticking up for his teammates more than anyone else in recent times.
  • Marc Staal had what was probably his worst game of the season.  He was beaten (twice) on the first goal, and the second went in off his skate in front.
  • Christopher Higgins...where to start?  First, HIT THE DAMN NET WITH A SHOT! it too much to ask?  Second, on the PK with 10 seconds left in the period CLEAR THE PUCK!@#$% His failure to do so led directly to the 2nd Flyers goal.
  • The NHL has to do something about these ridiculous slashing calls.  If you're gonna call slashing when a stick breaks, start calling it when there's a slash that's 5x harder but has a different end result since the elbow pad takes the punishment.  Personally, I think the slashing call for a broken stick should be eliminated.  This boils down to the root problem in NHL discipline--both on the ice and off--which is that oftentimes the punishment is due to the result, not the action and/or intent.
  • The Rangers did a terrible job of testing Ray Emery, who has been shaky of late in returning from an abdominal injury.  I don't care how many shots the score sheet counts, I counted 3 scoring chances for the Rangers.  I know Torts keeps track of this, and I'm interested to know how many he counted.
  • I hope that in 2 weeks we can say the same thing we said recently about the last loss to the Flyers, that it was an aberration along the way.  Either way, it makes no sense that the Rangers have folded twice in the past month, and both times against the Flyers.  This game looked a lot more like that 6-0 loss than the score sheet shows...and it wasn't fun to watch.
  • Henrik Lundqvist has now gone 10 straight games without allowing more than 2 goals.

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  1. Officials were poor. You are right on.
    They played on their heels, not the way they played the last two games.
    I give Gaborik credit for not backing down. I am more pissed that his team mates watched. Perfect time to make a stand and get thrown out of the game, if there ever was one.
    Redden??? Will the real Wade Please stand up? What has gotten into this guy?
    I don't blame Staal much for that goal. Even though the Rangers played like garbage both Flyers goals were crap bounces they got lucky on.
    I pass on Higgins, he is getting way too frustrating!
    Lundqvist has been a real bright spot lately. Now if they score 2-3 goals a night....

    After watching the press conference I am done with the Post and Brooks! The guys is a clown!